Quick Answer: How To Get To Ice Giants On White Wolf Mountain?

How do I get to Ice Warriors White Wolf Mountain?

First, head to White Wolf Mountain, located northwest of Taverley. While there are Ice Warriors located on top of the mountain, the best place to train is inside the mountain itself. Note: This area is not recommended for players with a combat level below 60.

Where can I find ice giants?


  • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon (South of Port Sarim)
  • Chaos Tunnels (m)
  • Frozen Waste Plateau in level 47-48 Wilderness.
  • White Wolf Mountain between Taverley and Catherby (m) (You need 50 mining to access this area)

Are ice giants f2p?

The Ice Giants located at the Frozen Waste Plateau span both a free-to-play area and a members only area.

How do you teleport to White Wolf Mountain Osrs?

Home teleport to the Catherby lodestone then run east past the fishing area on the beach then north. Follow that path to the cave entrance that will take you to the area with wolves, Gnome glider, and cave entrance to Taverley.

Where do I kill Ice Warriors?


  • White Wolf Mountain (m). A few are north of the mountain as well as underneath in the caverns. ( You need 50 mining to access this area)
  • Frozen Waste Plateau in the far northwest of the Wilderness.
  • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, in the icy part of the section.
  • Chaos Tunnels (m), usually with Ice giants.
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Can you safe spot ice giants?

There is a good safe spot in the NE part of the Asgarnian ice dungeon. Use that and a crossbow or fire spell.

Do ice giants have a surface?

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What are frost giants in Norse mythology?

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What are ice giants made of?

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How do you become a pilot in White Wolf Mountain?

How to get to this location:

  1. Teleport to the duel arena via ring of dueling.
  2. Travel west to the gnome glider and take it to the grand tree.
  3. Fly to white wolf mountain.
  4. Preform the emote, a double agent will attack.

How do you get ice gloves?

Ice gloves are a pair of chilling gloves which are used for handling hot objects. They are obtained by killing the Ice Queen residing in her lair inside White Wolf Mountain. Level 50 Mining is required to mine the rocks to enter the lair.

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How do I get to the ice queen Osrs?

Go to White Wolf Mountain by the northernmost entrance to the mountain (from either Catherby, Taverley or take the gnome glider there) and go north until you come to a rock slide. Use a pickaxe on the rock slide and go through it (this requires 50 Mining) to the Ice Queen’s Lair.

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