Question: Who Owns Smoky Mountain Knife Works?

Who is the owner of Smoky Mountain Knife Works?

In the early 1970’s, Kevin Pipes —the company’s current president and CEO− and John Parker started to sell pocketknives from the back of their pickup trucks. They spent most of the next decade building relationships with customers and vendors alike, and in 1978, Smoky Mountain Knife Works was born.

Does Smoky Mountain Knife Works buy knives?

DOES SMKW BUY OLD KNIVES? SMKW purchases knife collections, antique knives, and unique collectible knives from time to time. We do not buy a single knife unless it is extremely valueable. If you are interested in selling a collection, please e-mail the Collectibles Department at [email protected]

What is the world’s largest knife store?

Located at the gateway of the Smoky Mountains National Park, Smoky Mountain Knife Works is the “World’s largest knife showplace.” More than 1.5 million guests visit our 108,000 square-foot knife showroom in Sevierville, TN.

How many knives does Smoky Mountain Knife Works have?

This small museum features over 12,000 knives, swords, and artifacts from every era – there are even some pieces from colonial times! In addition, there is even a small theater with films related to cutlery and shows.

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Does Smoky Mountain Knife price match?

SMKW is one of the oldest and largest knife retailers in the world. Simply contact us by phone 1-800-327-5871 or email ([email protected], please put price match in subject line), provide us with the lower advertised price (we require a link to verify it) and we’ll match it.

What is the biggest knife store in the United States?


Is Smoky Mountain Knife Works legit?

Very Legit. I have been there several times in person. They are out of Tennessee. Claim to have the worlds largest knife showroom in the world.

What is the best knife website?

List of the 10 Best Knife Websites

  • Knifecenter.Com. 1000000. Knifecenter.Com the #1 Most Popular Knife Website.
  • Bladeforums.Com. 740000. Bladeforums.Com the #2 Most Popular Knife Website.
  • Bladehq.Com. 740000.
  • Gerbergear.Com. 590000.
  • Leatherman.Com. 370000.
  • Benchmade.Com. 310000.
  • Sogknives.Com. 280000.
  • Trueswords.Com. 280000.

What are the sharpest knives in the world?

Obsidian knife blades: overkill for slicing your sandwich. The thinnest blades are three nanometres wide at the edge – 10 times sharper than a razor blade. These are made by flaking a long, thin sliver from a core of obsidian (volcanic glass).

Are dogs allowed in Smoky Mountain Knife Works?

Smoky Mountain Knife Works As it happens, you can bring a dog inside as long as it’s carried or transported in a pet stroller. The above aren’t the only pet-friendly spots in and around Sevierville, by any means, but they should give you an idea of the diversity of options available to you and your faithful buddy!

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How fast does Knife Center ship?

Most lightweight packages ship for $3.99 and heavier packages go for about $7-$10 and get there within 1 to 5 days (depending on destination).

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