Question: Where Is Topaz Mountain?

What city is Topaz Mountain Utah in?

Juab County, Utah, U.S. Topaz Mountain is a summit in the Thomas Range of Utah, east of the Thomas caldera. The summit and surrounding area are known for their abundances of semiprecious minerals including topaz, red beryl and opal.

How do I get to Topaz Mountain?

How to get there: From Nephi, Utah, travel 33 miles southwest on State Highway 132 to Lynndyl. Turn south on U.S. Highway 6 and drive for approximately 5 miles. Turn west on the Brush Wellman road and travel 38 miles until you reach the Topaz Mountain sign.

Where is Topaz found in the United States?

In the American Southwest, Topaz is found in San Diego County, California, the Thomas Mountain Range of Utah, Pikes Peak, Colorado, and the Llano Uplift region of Texas.

How much does Topaz Mountain cost?

Prices start at $30 for a half-day prospecting pass. For a more intensive experience, it costs $99 to attend a blast with a guide and spend the day searching for topaz in the freshly exposed rock. There are also private group options available.

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Is Topaz Mountain free?

For those who wish not to pay, most of the “ Topaz Bowl” is still open to public collecting. The roads through the claim are still open and will allow you access to the free public collecting areas. The Topaz crystals at Topaz Mountain are naturally amber colored, but become colorless after exposed to sunlight.

Is Topaz worth anything?

When it was first introduced to the market, treated blue topaz sold for $20 to $40 per carat. But oversupply led to huge drops in wholesale prices, down to a few dollars or less per carat. Today, blue topaz is basically a mass-market gem, and price is often the most important consideration for many buyers.

What rock is topaz found in?

Topaz is commonly associated with silicic igneous rocks of the granite and rhyolite type. It typically crystallizes in granitic pegmatites or in vapor cavities in rhyolite lava flows including those at Topaz Mountain in western Utah and Chivinar in South America.

What do you do at Topaz Mountain?

Recreational Mining and Prospecting Tours, Wide Open Spaces, small groups. Topaz Mountain Adventures offers a hands on mining and prospecting experiences for Utah Topaz, Bixbyite, and other minerals. This unique vacation experience is for the young and old, the inexperienced and the avid rockhound.

Why is Topaz so cheap?

White topaz is cheap because it’s the most common color that this gemstone is found in. Blue topaz, while quite rare in nature, can be created by irradiating and heating colorless topaz making it one of the cheaper colors. Other colors such as yellow and pink are quite rare in nature as well.

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What is the rarest color of topaz?

Imperial Topaz, also known as Precious Topaz is the rarest and most valuable of the Topaz family, coming in colors ranging from golden yellow to the extremely prized sherry pink color. These stones are typically never treated, nor heated, and come from the Ouro Preto mines of Minas, Gerais, Brazil.

How can you tell if Topaz is real?

There are a few easy ways to tell a real topaz apart from quartz. The first characteristic to keep in mind is the hardness factor. An original topaz will scratch glass while quartz will not leave a mark on it. Moreover, a real topaz is also cool to touch and it gets electrified easily.

Can you drive a car to Topaz Mountain?

You can drive up, hop out of the car, get a tutorial from Ronda, and start finding great topaz crystals. You can also dig through the scree at the blast site for loose crystals freed by blasting — I found some great loose ones here, and they still had good color because the regular blasting exposes fresh material.

How Topaz is formed?

It is formed by fluorine-bearing vapours given off during the last stages of the crystallization of igneous rocks. It typically occurs in cavities in rhyolites and granite, in pegmatite dikes, and in high-temperature veins. Often associated with cassiterite, topaz may be useful to indicate the presence of that tin ore.

Where can I find topaz in Colorado?

Topaz Crystals from the Petra Placer, Tarryall Mountains, Colorado. The Tarryall area in Park County, Colorado is known for the exceptional topaz specimens discovered there. Topaz in the Tarryall Mountains forms in cavities of various sizes in pegmatites (coarse-grained granite).

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