Question: Where Is Schuss Mountain?

What city is Schuss Mountain in?

Where Is Schuss Mountain at Shanty Creek Located? Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City (TVC) is about an hour from the ski resort.

What city is Shanty Creek?

Shanty Creek Resort | Bellaire, MI 49615.

Is Schuss Mountain open for skiing?

Schuss Mountain will still be available for downhill skiing. Kershner said it was a tough decision to close Summit Mountain this year. “It really was about all the things that we needed to do to provide safe skiing for both our guests and employees,” said Kershner.

Who owns Schuss Mountain?

Both resorts thrived for nearly 20 years. In 1984, Club Corporation of America saw value in both Shanty Creek and Schuss Mountain, and by 1985 had purchased both resorts.

What is Schuss skiing?

intransitive verb.: to ski directly down a slope at high speed.

How many acres is Shanty Creek?

Across 5,500 acres of rolling countryside, Shanty Creek displays four beautiful seasons and four distinct villages surrounded by unspoiled scenery.

Can you ski at Shanty Creek?

Few activities showcase the beauty of northern Michigan quite like cross country skiing. Shanty Creek’s 28+km of groomed, track-set trails crisscross the three villages of the resort to create a “village-to-village” experience.

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How high is Boyne Mountain Michigan?

Boyne Mountain Resort
Nearest major city Boyne City, Michigan
Vertical 500 ft (150 m)
Top elevation 1,120 ft (340 m)
Base elevation 620 ft (190 m)


How much are lift tickets at Boyne Highlands?

1-Day Open-to-Close Happiness Cards

Window Rates Adult (18-69) Senior (70+)
Midweek (Sunday-Friday) $85 $75
Saturday & Holidays (see holidays above) $105 $89
Night (5-9 pm on select days – see above) $55 $40

How much is a lift ticket at Shanty Creek?

Note: For ages 8 and under and 70+, lift tickets are just $5 everyday all season long.

Adult (18-61) Saturdays/Holidays Sunday-Friday
SuperTicket: 9am-9pm $79 $59
Day Ticket: 9am-4:30pm $74 $54
Four Hour $69 $49
* Night: 5pm-9pm (thru 3/13) $36 $26

What time does Schuss Mountain Open?

2020-21 Schuss Mountain Hours of Operation

Sundays 9am-4:30pm
Mondays Closed
Tuesdays Closed
Wednesdays Closed


Is liftopia legitimate?

Never use liftopia scam artists Screw liftopia. I buy a ticket and take time off work and spend 50$ gas to drive down to the ski resort after waiting a month for my day of snowboarding. This is a horrible company and they just sell tickets without actually having any information on the resort.

How old is Shanty Creek?

Shanty Creek Resorts Company History Timeline Designed by Warner Bowen, its front nine holes opened in 1972. In 1999, an all-suite hotel was built and the Tom Weiskopf masterpiece Cedar River Golf Course opened.

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