Question: Where Is Quartz Mountain?

Where are the Quartz Mountains in Oklahoma?

Quartz Mountain (also called Baldy Point) is located in Greer County in southwest Oklahoma. It is the namesake of Quartz Mountain Nature Park and its eastern flank is enclosed by the park boundaries. It is near the cities of Mangum, Oklahoma and Altus, Oklahoma.

What county is Quartz Mountain in?

Quartz Mountain History Excavations at the Cooperton Site in Kiowa County provide the earliest known evidence of people in the state of Oklahoma. Spain and France traded Quartz Mountain several times before the U.S. bought the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Who owns Quartz Mountain?

It is operated by Oklahoma State Park. The park began as a 158.3-acre tract adjacent to Lake Altus donated to the state by local residents, who had bought the land for $51.58. It was designated as Quartz Mountain State Park, one of the original seven Oklahoma State Parks designated in 1935.

Is Quartz Mountain still a state park?

Tragically, a large fire destroyed the original lodge in 1995, but it was rebuilt and reopened in 2001. Shortly after the lodge completion, the park was transferred to the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education, who ran it for nearly two decades before turning it back over to Oklahoma State Parks in 2020.

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Can you swim at Quartz Mountain?

The resort also features a heated indoor swimming pool and adjacent hot tub/whirlpool, and a full service restaurant, the Sundance Cafe. Ask about our Quartz Mountain Flyer excursion train outings.

What can you do at Quartz Mountain?

If you ‘re not into hiking, there are some other attractions that you may enjoy. Golf, mini-golf, paddle boats, fishing, and ATVs are all available at various times of the year. Before you make your trip, check out the Quartz Mountain Nature Park website to make sure the attractions will be open.

How far is Altus from Quartz Mountain?

Quartz Mountain State Park

Mileage 16 miles (26 km)
Roadways Oklahoma Highway 44
Services Altus, OK▼, and Lone Wolf, OK▼
Rating 1 2 3 4 5 3.0 average from 19 votes
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What kind of fish are in Lake Altus?

The most prevalent species of fish are: black bass, catfish, crappie, hybrid bass, sand bass, walleye and white bass. This lake holds the record for the largest walleye and hybrid bass caught in Oklahoma. The Quartz Mountain Nature Park is located at the west edge of the reservoir.

When was Quartz Mountain Resort built?

The Quartz Mountain Lodge was built in 1955. It included 44 rooms, a tennis court, and two pools: one indoor, one outdoor. In 1959 a nine-hole golf course was added.

Can I camp in Oklahoma?

Overview: Camping in Oklahoma Tent camping and Oklahoma’s outdoor recreation areas go hand-in-hand. From the rugged Wichita Mountains in the west to the pine-covered Ouachita National Forest in the southeast, Oklahoma has a tent-worthy landscape perfect for your next trip into the great outdoors.

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