Question: Where Is Dove Mountain Arizona?

How far is Dove Mountain from Phoenix?

Map & Directions to Dove Mountain Less than 90 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and only 30 minutes from Tucson International Airport, Dove Mountain has convenient access to transportation hubs without the noise, pollution, or traffic.

How far is Dove Mountain from Tucson?

Dove Mountain is located just 20 minutes northwest of Tucson.

Is the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain closed?

The Ritz – Carlton, Dove Mountain located in Marana near Tucson will soon be the only Ritz – Carlton property in Arizona. The Ritz – Carlton Hotel in Phoenix is closing its doors this summer. Due to close in July, the hotel will be undergoing extensive renovations and a full re-brand.

What town is Dove Mountain in?

Dove Mountain is a master-planned community located in Marana, Arizona, about 40 minutes outside of Tucson and in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains.

How do I get to Ritz-Carlton Dove?

Take the Tangerine Road exit 240. Turn right (East) onto West Tangerine Road, and go approximately 5 miles to Dove Mountain Boulevard. Turn left (North) onto Dove Mountain Boulevard, and go approximately 5 miles to the roundabout in the road. There you will see the large The Ritz – Carlton, Dove Mountain sign.

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Is there a Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix?

The Ritz – Carlton Hotel Co. Currently there is only one Ritz – Carlton property in Arizona, the Ritz – Carlton, Dove Mountain in Tucson. There was a Ritz – Carlton hotel near 24th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, but Marriott International Inc.

Who owns Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain?

Local developers have bought The Ritz – Carlton, Dove Mountain resort — the only Forbes five-star-rated hotel in Arizona. David Mehl, of Cottonwood Properties, and Humberto S. Lopez, of HSL Properties, bought the resort and related assets, nestled in the Tortolita Mountain foothills.

How far is Oro Valley from Dove?

Dove Mountain Homes for Sale It is just a few minutes west of Oro Valley and has easy access to the I-10 freeway.

How far is Tucson from Phoenix?

Yes, the driving distance between Tucson to Phoenix is 116 miles. It takes approximately 1h 51m to drive from Tucson to Phoenix.

How far is Marana AZ from Tucson AZ?

The total driving distance from Marana, AZ to Tucson, AZ is 26 miles or 42 kilometers.

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