Question: How High Is Whiteface Mountain?

How hard is it to hike Whiteface Mountain?

It is 5.7 miles to reach the summit, one-way. The hike begins along an old gravel strewn woods road, and the footing is tough in spots due to rocky terrain.

What is the vertical drop of Whiteface Mountain?

Mountain Vertical Drop 3,430 feet – The greatest vertical drop in the East!

Is Whiteface a good ski mountain?

(1) Overall, Whiteface Mountain (Lake Placid) is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the country and not worth the money, (3) overall represents average value for money, (5) overall offers the best value resort in the country.

How long is the drive up Whiteface Mountain?

The Whiteface Memorial Highway is only five miles (eight kilometers) long and you ascend 2,300 feet (700 meters). While the road meanders up, you come across several viewpoints.

Can you drive up to Whiteface Mountain?

Not your typical automotive experience! The Whiteface Veterans’ Memorial Highway will open for the season on May 21, 2021. Driving up to the top of the Whiteface along the Veterans’ Memorial Highway—New York’s fifth-highest peak at 4,867’—isn’t your typical automotive experience.

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Is Whiteface Mountain Open?

The Whiteface Veterans’ Memorial Highway will open for the season on May 21, 2021. The Cloudsplitter Gondola will open for the season on July 2, 2021. Overview.

Operating Hours Whiteface Veterans’ Memorial Highway
Open 8:45 am
Close 5:30 pm
Days Daily
Opening May 21, 2021


How much are lift tickets at Whiteface?

2020/21 Same Day Tickets

Lift Ticket Rates Adult Junior
1 Day $115 $70
Lift ticket rates are based on, on-site day of purchase price. For the 2020/21 Season, all lift tickets must be purchased online 24 hours in advance. Adult: 20-64 | Junior: 7-12 | Teen: 13-19 | Senior: 65-69

Why is it called Whiteface Mountain?

Whiteface Mountain The name for this High Peak came around possibly due to its look on a couple different sides and the steep slopes for which hold massive amounts of snow, giving it a “ white face.” This peak was also called “white head” by some Native Americans and tribes of the Adirondacks.

Is Whiteface Mountain good for beginners?

If you’re unsure of how much of a beginner you are, you’re going to want to head over to Bear Den Mountain. Whiteface has a whole section dedicated to the beginner. It’s completely separate except for a few small connector trails, so you don’t need to worry about getting run over by faster skiers.

Is Whiteface Mountain hard to ski?

Advanced: Whiteface Mountain has some of the toughest skiing in the East including The Slides, “inbound off-piste double-black diamond wilderness terrain” meant only for the most talented skiers. (The Slides are often closed due to safety.)

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Is Whiteface a hard mountain?

With the highest vertical drop (3,430 feet) of any ski resort east of the Rockies, Whiteface is a big mountain with plenty of challenge for any level of skier and snowboarder. These are, after all, the same testing, steep trails that separated the winners from the also-rans in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.

Is Whiteface Mountain in icy?

My advice: Get over it. Because if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the best skiing experiences in the East. IMHO, Iceface is a vestigial term, left from a time when there was little to no snowmaking or grooming and yeah, it was icy. Whiteface is a high mountain that gets a lot of wind and weather.

Do you have to pay to drive up Whiteface Mountain?

There is no cost to park or take the elevator once you reach the top of Whiteface Mountain. You can pack a picnic or snacks for the trip or opt to grab a bite to eat in the Castle Restaurant.

What is the temperature on top of Whiteface Mountain?

The Cloudsplitter Gondola will open for the season on July 2, 2021.

  • Weather Details. Base Temp:51°F | 11°C. Summit Temp:34°F | 2°C. Wind Speed:11.
  • Gondola Rides. Status:Closed.
  • Memorial Highway. Elevator:Closed. Nature Trail to Summit:Closed.

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