Often asked: Where To Stay At Snowshoe Mountain?

Where should I stay at Snowshoe Mountain?

  • Condominium / Village Central. Allegheny Springs.
  • Resort Home / North Mountain. Black Bear Crossing.
  • Townhome / North Mountain. Camp Four.
  • Townhome / Silver Creek. Creekside.
  • Condominium / Village Central. Expedition Station.
  • Resort Home / Base Area. Hawthorne Valley.
  • Condominium / Village Central.
  • Condominium / Base Area.

What is the difference between Silver Creek and Snowshoe?

Silver Creek has the distinction of having the only night skiing on the mountain as well as the Coca Cola Tube Hill. It also boasts three terrain parks, including the mountain’s premier terrain park, for the snowboard enthusiast. Snowshoe operates the Bear’s Den food area during ski season as well as a retail area.

What towns are close to snowshoe?

The town of Marlinton is the closest full-service town to Snowshoe Mountain and is located about 20 miles south of the resort. A well maintained scenic road takes you to the mountaintop in about 35 minutes. Snowshoe Mountain Resort offers year round fun in the great outdoors.

Can you ski from Snowshoe to Silver Creek?

The resort offers free shuttle buses that run about every 30 minutes. So off to Silver Creek we went where we had zero lift lines and beautiful snow! So ski Snowshoe but go to Silver Creek to really enjoy your experience!

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Is Snowshoe Mountain good for beginners?

This resort has a great village at the top of the mountain with lots of places to eat and shop. They have a big school for skis and snowboarding, for both kids and adults. Beginners can ski all day on the bunny slope – Skidders – it’s large enough with enough variation in terrain to get good practice.

How much is a lift ticket at Snowshoe?

Lift Tickets

Child (5-12) Adult (23-74)
High $101 $119
Regular $79 $101
Low $67 $79

Are Snowshoe lift tickets good at Silver Creek?

Your lift ticket is valid for all three ski areas, Snowshoe, Silver Creek and Western Territory. This includes night skiing at the Silver Creek area from 4:30pm-9:00pm, when available. Check the snow report for trail openings and hours.

Is there snowmobiling in Snowshoe WV?

Our one-hour tours, which take place on the ski slopes of the Snowshoe Basin, are perfect for those who have never driven a snowmobile before or who want to experience the thrill of riding a snowmobile at night.

Are helmets required at Snowshoe?

(1) Helmet Usage: Snowshoe Mountain highly recommends wearing helmets for skiing and riding. Whether you use a helmet or not, always ski/ride responsibly and within your ability, and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing and riding experience.

Why is there no cell service in Snowshoe WV?

Snowshoe Ski Resort, which lies just within the border of the quiet zone, uses a distributed antenna system (DAS) to provide a small amount of cell service for the skiiers and boarders who come there. When the system went in last summer it was the first time the resort had cell service. Inconvenient? Sure.

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Does Snowshoe have good WIFI?

The resort, as you can see from the map of the quiet zone above, is less than 10 miles away from the signal-sensitive telescope, but it has high-speed Wi-Fi and cell service. This year AT&T deployed a robust network at the Snowshoe resort, which had set up limited cellular service by 2013.

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