Often asked: Where Is Wildcat Mountain?

What city is Wildcat Mountain in?

Wildcat Mountain Ski Area is a ski area located on Wildcat Mountain near Jackson, New Hampshire, United States, in the Mount Washington Valley.

Wildcat Mountain Ski Area
Nearest major city Jackson, New Hampshire
Coordinates 44°15′47″N 71°14′18″W
Vertical 2,112 feet (644 m)
Top elevation 4,062 feet (1,238 m)


Is Wildcat Mountain good for beginners?

There is also no on-site lodging at either Wildcat or Cannon, which gives both places a parklike landscape. While these mountains will not baby you, they need not intimidate. As with nearly any mountain, most of the terrain is rated for beginners and intermediates.

How do I get to Wildcat Mountain?

This trail starts at Douglas Trail #781 (4,360′) and ends at the summit of Wildcat Mountain (4,480′). Follow #781 1.9 miles east to the beginning of this trail. Turn right (south) onto this trail and climb 0.1 to the summit of Wildcat Mountain. This trail can also be accessed from McIntyre Ridge Trail #782.

Who owns Wildcat Mountain?

Peak Resorts CEO Tim Boyd said his company has signed a P&S with Pat Franchi, owner of Wildcat, for Peak to acquire all Wildcat Mountain Ski Area assets and attractions. The agreement must be approved by the U.S. Forest Service, which owns the land on which Wildcat operates.

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Is Attitash or wildcat better?

Attitash is definitely better for beginners. Wildcat has some beginner slopes, but on average the mountain is trickier and steeper than Attitash. On Wildcat there’s really only one top-to-bottom trail that a beginner would feel comfortable on.

How much is a lift ticket at Wildcat Mountain?

Wildcat Mountain Lift Tickets and Ski Passes The last time we checked, a single day adult ticket at Wildcat Mountain cost $89.00 on the mountain.

Is Wildcat a good mountain?

Read skier and snowboarder-submitted reviews on Wildcat Mountain that rank the ski resort and mountain town on a scale of one to five stars for attributes such as terrain, nightlife and family friendliness.

Is Attitash busy?

Attitash has a low base elevation 600 feet; more likely to get rain than some nearby ski areas with higher base elevation on borderline snow/rain events. This ski area gets extremely crowded on weekends; its best to avoid on a saturday. On the positive side, it does have overpriced slope-side lodging available.

Is Wildcat Mountain Hard?

The Wildcat Ridge contains gorgeous mountains in Pinkham Notch, extending to Carter Notch about 5 miles away. Hiking The Wildcats – Wildcat Mountain, Wildcat D & Everything In Between.

Difficulty Strenuous
Elevation 4,062 feet (1,238 m)
Distance 8.4 miles


How tall is Wildcat Mountain?

Skiable Acreage: 225 acres • Glade Acreage: 80 acres • Trails: 48 trails & 1 terrain-based learning area • Summit Elevation: 4,062 feet • Elevation Base: 1,950 feet • Vertical Drop: 2,112 feet.

What year did Wildcat Mountain Open?

A 3,000 foot T-Bar likely opened on the lower slopes of Wildcat in January of 1958, as Bill Boardman served as manager.

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Wildcat Mountain
Pinkham’s Grant, New Hampshire
Past Lifts: 1 gondola, 1 triple, 2 doubles, surface lifts
Left: Wildcat as seen from Mt. Madison (2009)


Did Vail buy Wildcat?

The company that owns Crotched Mountain, Attitash and Wildcat ski areas in New Hampshire has been purchased for $264 million by Vail Resorts, which already runs Mount Sunapee ski area. The purchase of Missouri-based Peak Resorts by Colorado-based Vail was announced Monday.

Does Vail own Wildcat?

The new Vail properties in New England include Wildcat, Attitash, and Crotched in New Hampshire, and Mount Snow in Vermont.

What is a Wildcat?

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