Often asked: Where Is Drakensberg Mountain?

What city is Drakensberg?

Towns and cities in the Drakensberg area include, from south to north, Matatiele and Barkly East in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province; Ladysmith, Newcastle, Ulundi – the former Zulu capital, Dundee, and Ixopo in KwaZulu-Natal; all of Lesotho, whose capital is Maseru; and Tzaneen in Limpopo Province.

What area does Drakensberg fall under?

Things to see and do in the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal. The ‘Berg’ as the Drakensberg are often affectionately known form the highest mountain range in southern Africa. With peaks up to 3,482 metres, they are part of a 243,000 hectare mountain park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

How far is the Drakensberg from Durban?

The beautiful Drakensberg Mountains is in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, a pleasant 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Durban.

Do people live in the Drakensberg Mountains?

The main star of the destination is, of course, the incredible cluster of mountains. Residents in this area are families and farmers who lead simple and uncomplicated lives. Travelling from Durban you will most likely travel through the N3 highway and take the R617 off-ramp.

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Why did they call it Drakensberg?

The “ Drakensberg ” – derived from the Afrikaans name, “ Drakensberg ” meaning “Dragon Mountains” is the name given to the Eastern Portion of the Great Escarpment. Most South Africans speak of the Drakensberg when they are in fact referring to the Great Escarpment (this forms the border between Lesotho and KZN).

What animals live in the Drakensberg Mountains?

The large animals most commonly seen in the Drakensberg are the Eland – a giant antelope, Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebuck and Oribi. Jackal, Genet and Civet are not uncommon. Baboons are found throughout the mountain areas, with Vervet monkeys found at lower altitudes.

What is there to do in the Drakensberg Mountains?

Drakensberg Adventures

  • Adventure Biking. Adventure Biking in the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal – Guided Motorcycle Tours.
  • Aerial Cable Trail. The magnificent Drakensberg is home to many adventure activities.
  • Big Swing.
  • Canopy Tours.
  • Cycle Tours.
  • Flying Trapeze.
  • Guided Hiking.
  • Heli Mountain Biking.

Why is Drakensberg important?

Maloti- Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site is renowned for its spectacular natural landscape, importance as a haven for many threatened and endemic species, and for its wealth of rock paintings made by the San people over a period of 4,000 years.

Where should I stay in Central Drakensberg?

In Central Drakensberg

  • Winterton. 15 places to stay.
  • Champagne Valley. 57 places to stay.
  • Cathedral Peak. 1 place to stay.
  • Bergview. 9 places to stay.
  • Kamberg Nature Reserve. 4 places to stay.
  • Cathkin Park. 21 places to stay.

Where does Drakensberg mountain start?

The Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and separates the extensive high plateaus of the South African interior from the lower lands along the coast. From its northeastern termination in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, the range extends through Lesotho to Eastern Cape province.

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How far is Drakensberg from Newcastle?

What is the distance between Newcastle to Drakensberg? The distance between Newcastle to Drakensberg is 100 Km by road. You can also find the distance from Newcastle to Drakensberg using other travel options like bus, subway, tram, train and rail.

What is special about Drakensberg?

The Drakensberg has a few famous peaks that are favourites to photograph and summit. These include Giant’s Castle, Cathedral Peak, and Mont-Aux-Sources. But, more than these, it is also home to a number of smaller foothills, stunning waterfalls, inviting rock pools, fresh mountain streams, and mysterious caves.

Why would Drakensberg mountain appeal to tourists?

Wake up to picturesque views and fresh air; and experience star gazing as far as the eye can see on cloud free nights, the Drakensberg is a destination not to be ignored. One of the most popular reasons the Northern Drakensberg sees so many visitors and tourists throughout the year is the world-renowned Amphitheatre.

How Drakensberg mountain was formed?

The Drakensberg Group was formed approximately 182 million years ago during the early Jurassic period. Rifting tectonics in response to the breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana are believed to have been the cause for the formation of the Drakensberg Group.

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