Often asked: How To Get To Timberwolf Mountain?

How do you get to the Timberwolf Mountain Summit?

Access from Crystal Lake At Deer Clearing climb to Secluded Shelf and enter to the cave system (“Cave B” to “Cave A” on the map linked above), a section of tunnel requires crouching to pass through: this is the exit. Exit the cave, turn right and continue to the longest rope climb before the summit.

What connects to Timberwolf Mountain?

Overview. Timberwolf Mountain is described as pure wilderness with a mountainous expanse almost entirely lacking in man-made shelters. Connects to Pleasant Valley via a rope climb and treacherously cold mountain pass, and to Ash Canyon via the eastern end of Echo Ravine or via a cave in Deer Clearing.

How do I get to coastal highway the long dark?

A fallen tree on the ledge can lead them to the top of the train cars. Once across the gap, players can head right and up the hill to reach more train tracks. Continuing to follow these will take the players to a tunnel which leaves the area and players enter Coastal Highway.

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How do you climb in the long dark?

Action. Select the deployed rope to begin climbing, then move forward to climb up, or backwards to climb down. Looking around while climbing is possible by stopping mid- climb, but Stamina, Fatigue, and Calories will continue to drain rapidly.

How do I get to Ash Canyon?

Ash Canyon can be accessed from two locations in eastern Timberwolf Mountain: the eastern end of the Echo Ravine basin which leads to Bitter Marsh, and a transition cave at Deer Clearing to Pillar’s Footrest.

How do you get to the crumbling highway from coastal highway?

Keep following the road past the Coastal Townsite with a purple-pink car on the left until you see a red car on the right side of the road at Commuter’s Lament. There will be a snowy path to the left, which will soon prompt you to “Leave Coastal Highway.” The path leads to the Crumbling Highway.

What connects to coastal highway?

Coastal Highway connects to Mystery Lake through the Ravine to the north-west, Pleasant Valley through the Cinder Hills Coal Mine to the north, and Desolation Point through the Crumbling Highway and Abandoned Mine No. 3 to the south-east.

Can you fast travel in the long dark?

We should be able to ‘ fast travel ‘ to places we have already discovered. This could be done by the AI calculating the quickest route and walk it for you in timelapse. The player could witness the timelapse which would be interrepted if wolfes or hunger or any other danger is encountered.

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Where is the forge in Desolation point?

Desolation Point Forge Location It can be found out on the ice (which is generally safe) on a ship called The Riken. This one is in the interior of the ship, making it the warmer of the two options.

Where is desolation point the long dark?

You can find Desolation Point by going to the end of the Coastal Highway, passing through the Commuter’s Lament, and continuing onward. Good luck finding the way!

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