Often asked: How To Get To The Top Of The Mountain In Zelda Link To The Past?

How do I get across the bridge in Link to the Past?

You can’t cross the broken bridge. After you escort the Lost Old Man back to his home, don’t enter his home unless you need to replenish your health, and instead go right and up around and back to the left on the level above, and climb the ladder up to the top of Death Mountain.

How do you get to the Tower of Hera in A Link to the Past?

It can be accessed after completing the Eastern Palace, which means it is either the second or third dungeon Link must complete, before or after the House of Gales. The Tower of Hera is located after getting through Death Mountain, in the northeast of Hyrule.

How do I get the third pendant in Link to the Past?

In A Link to the Past the third and final pendant, the red Pendant of Wisdom, is obtained after Link defeats the Moldorm in the Tower of Hera.

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Where is Death Mountain in Link to the Past?

Once you clear the forest, you’ll be back on the path between northern Kakariko and Sanctuary. However, the entrance to Death Mountain is further north still, so continue past the pond with the whirlpool in it. The Power Glove provides a shortcut out of the swamp… … and it also gives you access to Death Mountain.

How do you link in the dark world?

A Link to the Past features eight Warp Tiles and one warp gate across Hyrule. After completing Hyrule Castle Tower and defeating Agahnim, Link will be transported to the Dark World.

How do I get off the mountain in Zelda?

In the Light World, just before you have to climb the long ladder, there’s a cave to the left that is a way off the mountain. Dark World, just warp to the Light World and either call the bird or use the above metioned exit.

How do I get the Power Gloves in A Link to the Past?

In A Link to the Past, the Power Glove is found within the Desert Palace, serving as the main item of that dungeon. It is found within a Big Chest, meaning Link required the Big Key in order to obtain the Glove. The chest can be within the room in the far northwest corner of the first floor of the dungeon.

How do I kill Moldorm?

Fall too many times and it’s Game Over. Moldorm is only weak in his tail, so wait for him to slither by and take a swing at his glowing red end. For the first phase of the fight, Moldorm will increase his speed and crash around the room, momentarily invincible. Once his tail glows red again, take another swing at him.

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How do you lift the rocks in a link to the past?

The Titan’s Mitt is found in the Desert Palace and enables Link to lift and throw large rocks. Link must use this item in order to locate the Master Ore in the Graveyard.

How do you get pendant of wisdom?

The Pendant of Wisdom is the red-colored and final pendant found at the very top floor of the Death Mountain dungeon, the Tower of Hera, and is acquired by defeating Moldorm. It is required to obtain the Master Sword.

How do you beat Moldorm in A Link to the Past?

A good strategy is to stand on the right side of the platform, distance Link from Moldorm, charge a Spin Attack, then wait a second or two. When Moldorm ceases his erratic movement and charges straight at Link, simply sidestep him, then get close to his tail and unleash the Spin Attack.

How do I get the Master Sword in Link to the Past?

Walk northward to find the pedestal that holds the Master Sword. Walk to the top of the pedestal and try to grab the Master Sword. This will trigger a scene where Link releases the three pendants and acquires the Master Sword!

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