Often asked: How To Corner On A Mountain Bike?

How do you corner on a mountain bike?


  1. DON’T: Drop your outside foot, Go up the inside, Lean the bike over.
  2. DO: Keep your pedals level, Drive your weight back into the corner, Look for the exit.
  3. DON’T: Lean away from the turn, straighten your outside leg.
  4. DO: Let your hips follow your shoulders and angulate, keep your knees bent, look where you want to go.

How do I make my mountain bike corner harder?

What are your eyes doing?

  1. ‘Look all the way through to the exit.
  2. Look where you want to go.
  3. I think head position is really important while cornering.
  4. Always look where you want to go.
  5. Point your chin where you want to go.
  6. You have eyes on your shoulders and hips and knees.

What makes a mountain bike fast?

Carbon fibre, stiff rear end, 29inch wheels and tripple chain ring all add up to a very quick xc mountain bike. I think a lot is about gear ratio and crank arm length. 29″ wheels seem to be quite a bit faster for covering ground than 26″.

How can I increase my bike speed?

5 Ways to Improve Your Average Cycling Speed

  1. Watch your diet. To get faster, you’ll either have to get stronger or lose weight.
  2. Ride with training partners. It’s basic science: The less exposed you are to the wind, the faster you’ll ride.
  3. Practice your bike handling.
  4. Increase your lactate threshold.
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Why do bikes lean when turning?

The center seeking force (centripetal force) needed to turn the bike is the horizontal component, and it increases with the lean angle. The stickiness of the tires provides the friction necessary to produce the centripetal force that pulls the bike along an arc.

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