FAQ: Where Is Mountain Jam?

Is Mountain Jam 2020 Cancelled?

This event has been canceled. Learn More.

Where is Mountain Jam held at?

Getting Here. Mountain Jam will take place at Bethel Woods in Bethel, NY – home of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival. Bethel Woods is located at 200 Hurd Road Bethel, New York 12720.

What key is Mountain Jam in?

Mountain jam is based on the 1967 Donovan song “ There is a Mountain ”. However, whereas “ There is a Mountain ” is in the Key of A, “Mountain Jam” has been transposed to the Key of E.

How long is Mountain Jam?

Mountain Jam

” Mountain Jam “
Song by The Allman Brothers Band
Genre Jam rock, instrumental rock
Length 44:00 (Ludlow Garage), 17:27/28:20 (Atlanta International Pop Festival), 33:41 (Fillmore/Eat a Peach)
Label Polydor, Epic / Legacy, Capricorn Records


Did Duane Allman play on Mountain Jam?

He usually played slide in open tunings, most often open E (low to high, E B E G# B E) and occasionally open A (E A E A C# E). He also played slide in standard tuning on songs such as “Dreams” and “ Mountain Jam.” In the early days, Duane would re-tune his gold-top Gibson Les Paul between songs in order to play slide.

Are the Allman Brothers a jam band?

The forgotten about jam band. It always seems to me the allman brothers are the forgotten about or missed jam band when getting into the history and greats of the genre.

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