FAQ: Where Is Crotched Mountain?

What town is Crotched Mountain in?

Crotched Mountain is a small mountain in western Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, in the United States. The 2,063-foot (629 m) summit of the mountain is in the town of Francestown, while the western slopes of the mountain rise in the town of Bennington, and a long southern ridge of the mountain is in Greenfield.

How far is Crotched Mountain from Boston?

Crotched Mountain is about 80 miles (or one hour and 38 minutes) from Boston.

Is Crotched Mountain on the Epic Pass?

BROOMFIELD, Colo. The new resorts in the Northeast are: Mount Snow in Vermont; Hunter Mountain in New York; and Attitash Mountain Resort, Wildcat Mountain and Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire.

What is Crotched Mountain?

A center for adult rehabilitation opened in 1961, and a rehabilitation center for adults with brain injuries in 1986. The complex today provides service to over 2,000 children and adults. Crotched Mountain has more than 900 employees and an annual budget of more than $42 million.

Is Crotched Mountain good for beginners?

The mountain has some great beginner trails from the top of a couple chairlifts which is perfect for a beginner to gain confidence and technique. They were fun, too, for my intermediate son and me. Everyone was friendly, slopes weren’t too crowded and it was a great afternoon.

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Is Crotched Mountain busy?

Crotched Mountain is not very big, especially by New Hampshire standards. But that also means that it’s never too crowded to have a great ski day with the family. Everything about Crotched is super convenient, from the parking to the ticket counter to cafeteria.

Is Crotched Mountain good?

Crotched Mountain in southern New Hampshire’s Bennington is a killer little ski area, just about an hour and a half from Boston, Massachusetts A well -built terrain park, good pitch, night skiing and the spacious industrial-like lodge make Crotched an all-around, really good time.

How much is a lift ticket at Crotched Mountain?

Lift Tickets

Youth (7-17) Adult (18-64)
Regular $69 $79
Low $51 $61

Can you rent skis at Crotched Mountain?

NEED RENTALS? WE ‘VE GOT YOU COVERED. Crotched Mountains knowledgeable rental team will make your overall experience easier by providing you with the latest state-of-the-art HEAD ski & snowboard equipment. A fully stocked rental fleet of skis, snowboards and boots for all ages and ability levels.

How much is an Epic Pass 2020?

The Epic Pass for the 2020-21 season will start at $979 for adults and the Epic Local Pass will start at $729. The Epic Local pass offers discounts for college students and teens, and children 4 and younger can get a free Epic Pass if they are signed up ahead of the season.

Does Vail own Hunter Mountain?

Rockies to Catskills, Vail ski corp is buying Hunter Mountain.

How much are lift tickets at Beaver Creek?

The $200 barrier for a walk-up ski lift ticket was broken for the first time by Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek this season, according to industry sources. Vail and Beaver Creek are charging $209 per day for a walk-up window ticket, according to their website. The price is reduced to $199 if purchased online.

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Who owns Crotched Mountain?

The company that owns Crotched Mountain, Attitash and Wildcat ski areas in New Hampshire has been purchased for $264 million by Vail Resorts, which already runs Mount Sunapee ski area. The purchase of Missouri-based Peak Resorts by Colorado-based Vail was announced Monday.

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