FAQ: Where Is Clinch Mountain?

Where is Clinch Mountain Virginia?

Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Location within Virginia
Location Smyth, Washington, Russell, and Tazewell counties, Virginia
Coordinates 36°56′10″N 81°49′40″WCoordinates: 36°56′10″N 81°49′40″W
Area 25,477 acres (103.10 km2)

How long is Clinch Mountain?

Clinch Mountain Complex

Range Type Area dominanted by a single large peak
Extent 97 mi / 157 km North-South 172 mi / 278 km East-West
Center Lat/ Long 36° 26′ N; 82° 58′ W
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Where is the Clinch River?

Clinch River, river rising in Tazewell county, southwestern Virginia, U.S., and flowing about 300 miles (480 km), generally southwest, through the Great Appalachian Valley into eastern Tennessee.

Is Clinch Mountain Open?

Elevations range from 1600 feet to 4700 feet atop Beartown Mountain. There is considerable water on the area; a 330-acre man-made lake, one major stream and several tributaries. Range Operation Dates and Hours.

Dates Hours
October – January Closed on Monday Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM – 4:30 PM Sunday: 1 PM – 4:30 PM

Is Laurel Bed Lake open?

Laurel Bed is a Department-owned lake located in Russell County on the Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area. This 330-acre lake rests on the top of Clinch Mountain at 3600 feet of elevation. Laurel Bed Lake is closed to fishing for the five days prior to the first Saturday in April.

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How tall is Clinch Mountain in Tennessee?

Clinch Mountain is a mountain ridge in the U.S. states of Tennessee and Virginia, lying in the ridge-and-valley section of the Appalachian Mountains.

Clinch Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 4,689 ft (1,429 m) (“Beartown Mountain ” summit)
Coordinates 36°26′N 82°58′W

Why is the Clinch River so cold?

The Clinch River is one of the very best rivers in the entire eastern United States. The river flows from the base of 265 foot high Norris Dam. The extremely deep lake is what keeps the water cold that flows from the base of the dam.

How fast does the Clinch River flow?

When one unit is turned on (Table 1) with the river at minimum flow (200 cfs), it takes about 1.0 hour for the flow to reach 1,000 cfs at Miller Island and about 4.5 hours to reach 1,000 at Riverbend.

What county is Saltville Virginia?

the Town of Saltville is located in Southwest Virginia, on the border of Smyth and Washington Counties. We are 10 minutes off of Interstate 81 (Exit 35 via Route 107 or Exit 29 via Route 91), an easy, scenic drive through the mountains.

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