FAQ: When Does Mad River Mountain Open?

Is Mad River open?

The official opening and closing dates for Mad River Glen, Vermont for current and past seasons. Opening and Closing Dates Mad River Glen.

Season Opening Closing
20/21 12/12/2020 03/28/ 2021
19/20 12/14/2019 (estimated) 03/15/2020 *
18/19 11/24/2018 04/20/2019


How much does it cost to go to Mad River Mountain?

Lift Tickets

Youth (7-15) Adult (16-69)
Regular $11 $44
Low $0 $29

Is Snow Trails or Mad River Mountain better?

Mad river will be more crowded but they have longer trails (I think snow trails may have one that is slightly longer, but for the most part mad river is bigger), more steeps, a better part atmosphere and a better terrain park.

How much is a day pass at Mad River Mountain?

Now an Epic Local Pass is $583, down from $729 last season. Or you can ski and ride for $67 a day with an Epic Day Pass. Find the pass that fits you and get more value from one day to every day.

Is Mad River Glen skiers only?

Mad River Glen is one of only three ski areas in North America that do not permit snowboarding, the others being Alta and Deer Valley in Utah.

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Who owns Mad River?

Vail Resorts of Colorado has bought Mad River Mountain ski resort near Bellefontaine along with 16 other ski slopes. Vail bought all 17 properties of Peak Resorts Inc. for $264 million. Also included in the deal are Alpine Valley, Boston Mills and Brandywine in Ohio.

Can you sled at Mad River Mountain?

No personal sleds, tubes or dogs allowed.

Can you rent skis at Mad River?

Mad River Rentals Leave the hassle at home and let Mad River Mountain outfit you from our slope-side rental facility. A Ski rental package includes skis, boots, and poles. Snowboard rentals include a snowboard and boots.

Does Mad River Mountain make snow?

The Mad River Mountain snow report is: Lifts open – unreported. Our model predicted 0 cm (0 inches) of snow fell over the last 6 days between Saturday 01 of May at 12AM and Friday 07 of May at 12AM at the mid mountain level.

Is skiing hard?

Skiing is easy to get started and easy to have fun, and hard to master. One of the important things especially in the beginning is to get comfortable boots. Nothing (besides injury) will ruin a day skiing like painful feet from ill-fitting boots. The other important thing is, just have fun.

Is Mad River on the Epic Pass?

Unlimited, unrestricted access to: Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte, Okemo, Mount Snow, Mount Sunapee, Attitash, Wildcat, Crotched, Hunter, Liberty, Roundtop, Whitetail, Jack Frost, Big Boulder, Stevens Pass, Alpine Valley, Boston Mills, Brandywine, Mad River, Hidden Valley, Snow Creek, Paoli Peaks, Afton Alps, Mt

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What should you wear to ski?

What to Wear Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Long underwear.
  • Light fleece or wool top.
  • Ski or snowboard socks.
  • Ski or snowboard jacket.
  • Ski or snowboard pants (or bibs)
  • Gloves or mittens.
  • Helmet.
  • Goggles.

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