FAQ: What To Do In White Mountain National Forest?

What is there to do in the White Mountains today?

White Mountains Attractions

  • Clark’s Bears. 110 Daniel Webster Hwy, Route 3, Lincoln 03251.
  • Santa’s Village. Book Now.
  • Wildcat Mountain. Book Now.
  • Hobo Railroad. Book Now.
  • Mount Washington Auto Road. Book Now.
  • Polar Caves Park. Off I-93, Exit 26, 705 Route 25, Rumney 03266.
  • Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves.
  • Conway Scenic Railroad.


What is there to do in the White Mountains of Arizona?


  • Explore The Rim Country Museum And Zane Grey Cabin.
  • Hike A Section Of The Arizona Trail.
  • Try A Local Beer In Pine.
  • Climb Mount Baldy.
  • Go Boating On Big Lake.
  • Soak Up The Views At Crescent Lake.
  • Hike Creekside On The Thompson Trail.
  • Sample The Mountain Life In Greer.
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How much does it cost to go to the White Mountains?

There are three pass options: a $5 day pass available on-site, a $30 single annual pass or a $40 two vehicle annual pass for those that use the Forest year-round.

What is there to do in the White Mountains in the summer?

White Mountains Summer Bucket List

  • Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves takes you along a ¾ mile boardwalk which you can follow at your leisure, or detour through the various granite caves within the gorge.
  • Polar Caves Park has many caves for families to explore as well as a petting zoo, mining sluice, and an outdoor climbing wall.

Where should I stay when visiting the White Mountains?

Stay in White Mountains’s best hotels!

  • The Glen House. Hotel in Gorham.
  • The Inn at Thorn Hill. Hotel in Jackson.
  • Comfort Inn & Suites. Hotel in North Conway.
  • The Wentworth. Hotel in Jackson.
  • Adventure Suites. Hotel in North Conway.
  • South Mountain Resort.
  • Golden Eagle Lodge Resort.
  • Stonehurst Manor Including Breakfast and Dinner.

Are NH White Mountains open?

While the White Mountain National Forest remains open, we are reminding the public to please recreate responsibly. New Hampshire has a Stay Safe at Home order in place and has asked the public to recreate locally.

Is Show Low AZ in the White Mountains?

Show Low is the largest city in the White Mountains and is one of the fastest growing cities in northern Arizona. The city proper has a population of nearly 12,000 residents, but Show Low’s trade area population numbers over 146,000.

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Is Payson in the White Mountains?

Payson AZ actually is not in the White Mountains but is a popular getaway destination about midway between the Phoenix area and the White Mountains. It shares the similar landscape beauty with White Mountains.

Where are the White Mountains of AZ?

The White Mountains of Arizona is a mountain range and mountainous region in the eastern part of the state, near the border with New Mexico; it is a continuation from the west of the Arizona transition zone–Mogollon Rim, with the Rim ending in western New Mexico.

Do you need a permit to camp in the White Mountains?

Unlike in the Sierra Nevada, there is no need to get a permit to hike, climb, cycle, or ski to the top of White Mountain Peak. While there are restrictions against camping within the boundaries of the Bristlecone Pine Forest, camping is allowed outside the previously mentioned area.

Do you need a permit for White Mountain?

You don’t need a permit to hike White Mountain Peak or park at the trailhead (according to a call to the ranger office). The first section of the drive into the park is paved until you get to Schulman Grove Visitor Center. There are a ton of overlooks as you drive up to the trailhead at 11680 feet.

What animals are in the White Mountains?

It is home to wildlife species including bald eagle, raccoon, beaver, white -tailed deer, moose, black bear, coyote, peregrine falcon, Canadian lynx, river otter, bobcat, gray and red foxes, fisher, mink and porcupine.

Is North Conway in the White Mountains?

North Conway is surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest, mountain rivers, lakes, and hiking trails. You’ll find exciting mountain adventures to thrill or relax you. Every season has recreation and activities to keep you busy and happy.

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How far are the White Mountains from Boston?

The distance between Boston and White Mountains is 133 miles. The road distance is 163.1 miles.

Why are the White Mountains called the White Mountains?

The name and similar ones such as ” White Hills” or “Wine Hills” are found in literature from Colonial times. According to tradition, the mountains were first sighted from shipboard off the coast near the Piscataqua estuary. The highest peaks would often be snow-capped, appearing white.

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