FAQ: How To Get Mountain Top?

How do I get to the mountain top in Destiny 2?

The Mountaintop is also tracked in the Triumphs, but you must collect the Pursuit from Lord Shaxx to start. To get The Mountaintop in Destiny 2, players must complete the Pursuit, The Ascent. This quest can be purchased from Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

How do I start the mountaintop quest?

How Do I Start the Mountaintop Quest? Just like Destiny 2’s other Crucible pinnacle weapons, you’re going to have to pick up a quest from Shaxx. The quest, which is called “The Ascent,” requires you to hit the Glory Rank of Brave, which only needs 200 Glory points. This is the easy part of the quest.

How many kills do you need for mountaintop?

Mountaintop will only need 75 multi-kills and 25 medals, and will pay out more points towards goals in Competitive mode.

Why is mountaintop so hard?

The Mountaintop is a powerful grenade launcher that you can only earn in Destiny’s PvP arena, the Crucible. It’s one of the most powerful guns in the game, which makes it great for taking down bosses in raids. But it’s also one of the toughest guns to get because it requires playing a ton of Crucible matches.

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Is Mountain Top getting nerfed?

Well, Guardians, it was a good run, but Mountaintop is getting a decent nerf in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. On top of the fact its maximum Power will fall behind in Beyond Light, Bungie has taken a hatchet to the equally loved and hated Grenade Launcher.

What rank do you need for mountaintop?

It will take some time, but players will need to reach 2100 Glory to hit Fabled rank. Once that is done, players can return to Lord Shaxx and claim The Mountaintop grenade launcher.

Is mountaintop still worth getting?

The Mountaintop used to be both stupidly over-powered and stupidly hard to get. Eventually, both the weapon and the quest got nerfed, but The Mountaintop remains a very strong weapon, especially for Endgame PVE. In fact, it still sits among the most used weapons in Raids.

Is mountaintop getting Sunsetted?

The weapons that already reached the sunsetting stage by now will remain that way – their power cap will not be removed. In other words, things like the Mountaintop and Revoker will not be able to terrorise you in Trials or Iron Banner but they will still remain a nuisance in regular Crucible modes.

How many points is fabled rank?

To get it, you need to reach the “Fabled” Glory rank in competitive Crucible. If you have a 50 per cent win / loss rate in competitive Crucible, you need to play around 440 games to get the necessary 2200 points to reach the Fabled Glory Rank.

Is Mountain Top One word?

There seems to be no straightforward answer available other than taking a look at the town’s historical society website. According to that, it’s two words: Mountain Top. While there is some dispute, most argue “ Mountain Top ” is correct.

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How do I get to fabled rank?

How to Reach Fabled Rank in Competitive PvP. Fabled rank in Competitive Crucible requires 2100 Glory, which is a little less than halfway through all of the rankings. It’s near the range where opponents start to group up in 4-stacks (pre-made teams of 4 players) and are usually brandishing some top tier weaponry.

Can you do Wendigo in nightfall?

What’s really challenging is that this must be done entirely in a Strike playlist, but not Nightfall, and deaths will see you losing progress. Your first choice in completing this is to whittle away at it over the course of the Season of Opulence, being sure to use Grenade Launchers to kill enemies.

Is mountaintop good Destiny 2?

One of Destiny 2 ‘s most coveted weapons, a deceptively small grenade launcher named The Mountaintop, today became a whole lot less frustrating to earn. Other weapons edge out The Mountaintop in specific situations but it’s a phenomenally good all-rounder. It’s fun, too! The Mountaintop is also a real grind to unlock.

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