FAQ: How To Build A Mountain Bike Wheel?

Is it cheaper to build your own MTB wheels?

If you have to pay for labor, pre-built wheels will most likely be cheaper in the long run. If you price shop for the individual components and build them yourself that’s probably the cheaper way to go.

Can I build my own MTB wheels?

It’s very easy, particularly with big stiff MTB rims, to build a perfectly true wheel, with tensions all over the place, that then unwinds and falls apart in a couple of rides. Learn to feel spoke tension and what tightening and loosening spokes does to the wheel before starting to build.

How much does it cost to build a mountain bike wheel?

For a decent front wheel you could expect to pay $100 for hub, $50-90 for rim, $1 per spoke, then maybe $80 labor to build the wheel (ballparking decent parts, can go up or down depending on what you get).

Can I build my own bike wheels?

Building your own bicycle wheels for the first time is surprisingly easy. The only difference between a wheel you’ve built yourself and a wheel from a professional wheel builder is you took longer. Actually, there’s another difference: you’ll enjoy them more.

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How hard is it to build a MTB?

More than anything, the technical challenge of building up a frame stops many cyclists from attempting their own builds. Buying a complete is easier. But building a bike is really not that hard! It just takes patience, perseverance, and the right tools.

Is building a wheel cheaper?

it’s cheapest to buy pre- built wheels, but you get a (slightly) inferior product. Building up your own wheels is more expensive, but you get a better wheel. It’s the most expensive to have someone else build up your wheels for you.

Is it hard to build a wheel?

Building wheels isn’t that hard. Building good wheels, with the proper amount of balanced tension, takes patience and practice. I was building my own wheels without guidance soon after I was taught by a master mechanic.

Are custom MTB wheels worth it?

Handbuilt wheels can be more expensive but they’re worth it for the extra choices of specification and customisation they offer, for the repairs that can be done more easily and for the better build quality that a skilled and experienced wheelbuilder can bring to them.

Is it difficult to build a bike wheel?

It’s (Relatively) Easy! If you can build a model, put together a jigsaw puzzle, or bake a cake, you can build a set of wheels. Okay, fine: to build a wheel you’ll need more than just the hubs, nipples, and spokes.

How long does it take to build a MTB wheel?

Around an hour for 1 wheel. for a pro i’d estimate ~ 30mins. for an amatuer, how long is a piece of string? My first wheel build took an evening (probably about 3 hours ) and that was following from a book and having to back out and re-do a few times.

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How much does a bicycle wheel build cost?

What does it cost? Wheel building costs $90 inc. GST per wheel. There is an extra cost for fitting wheels to a bicycle, including adjusting brake and gears, and an extra cost ($40-$100) for building with a motor.

How much should it cost to true a bike wheel?

If the wheel is fixable–it generally looks good but has a wobble–you can expect your local bike shop to charge $20 – $30 to true it using professional equipment like a truing stand for the perfect line and roundness.

How true should a bike wheel be?

The wheel does not have to be perfectly round or true; slight runouts are acceptable (a few millimeters). As long as there are no loose spokes and the wheel is reasonably straight (the rim and tire mustn’t rub on the brake pads), it will ride nicely and hold up fine.

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