Posted by: pjbarr | March 20, 2010

Leaving Town

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely one it. -Thomas Young Alexander, British aeronautical pioneer, meteorologist

The weather forecast for Monday looks miserable. Hovering just above freezing with rain all day. I’d actually be lucky if it snowed – it’s also calling for that, too. On Thursday the forecast said sunny and 0% chance of rain – no joke! Meterology remains a half hocus pocus science in spite of all our modern technology. I typically never trust a forecast beyond 24 hours; when a circumstance arises in which I need to, I get burned.


Final preparations & packing

Leaving home today was strange. I gathered all my effects and left the house in my normal frenzied fashion as if was any other day. As we drove away and got on the interstate, nothing felt out of the ordinary. At best, it seemed like it was one of our typical weekends headed to the mountains for a hiking trip. It was an odd feeling to have to consciously tell myself that I won’t be back for five months.


Another final preparation: my mother-in-law shaves my head

I exhanged farewells with my parents last night. This was less emotional for me than I imagined because of the same sentiment; it just didn’t feel like I was headed off for anything lasting more than a week long trip. The scenario was far different than I had imagined; both of my parents were unable to travel to Georgia to see me off for multiple reasons.


It’s really not that short, but the cowlick is history. For now.

Today we only made it as far as Franklin, NC. Our radiator reservoir erupted its cap en route, spewing coolant all over the engine and resulting in a smelly overheating issue. This, combined with a late start, did not allow for us to complete our round-about way of reaching the Peach State at a normal hour. We’re staying at the Sapphire Inn tonight and I’m catching up on some final communications. I may get another post in tomorrow night before I head out on the trail. If not, then this is it!

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